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Being A Presbyterian

Presbyterians are Protestant Christians whose church is founded on the concept of democratic rule under the Word of God.  Our church is part of the Presbyterian Church USA. All that is required to be a Presbyterian is to:

  • *Confess the Christian Faith
  • *Trust in the grace of God and  in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  • *Promise (with God’s help) to be Christ’s faithful disciple,obeying his Word and showing his love

What do Presbyterians believe?

There is no strict set of beliefs that unites Presbyterians or separates them from other followers of Christ.  There are many variations on the beliefs listed below within our congregation; we love to learn from one another and we all express our faith in different ways. We do value the experience of being together, asking questions, discussion, sometimes disagreement, and most of all witnessing how God is moving in our midst.

Some basic beliefs are…

  • *God is the creator of the universe.
  • *Jesus Christ is the incarnation of God on earth.
  • *The Holy Spirit is the presence of God in the world and in people of the world.
  • *The trinity is all three parts (unique from each other but of the same existence) of God: God the creator, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit.
  • *The church is a universal company of Christ’s followers, and no one individual church has exclusive claim to Christ’s authority.
  • *Forgiveness of sin is freely offered by God through Jesus Christ.
  • *Life everlasting is a gift for us shown by the resurrection of Jesus.
  • *The Bible is the inspired Word of God written by many human hands over great periods of time.
  • *Confession is a voluntary act, and made directly to God.
  • *God freely grants the gift of grace.

Presbyterians recognize two sacraments.

  • *Baptism: This sacrament is a public confession of faith that unites us with Jesus Christ and makes us members of God’s family, the church.  Presbyterians accept baptisms performed in another churches.
  • *Communion: This sacrament is also called the Lord’s Supper, Holy Communion, or the Eucharist.  It’s a time to renew faith and strengthen us for the duties and privileges of Christian service.  In communion, the bread and wine represent the body and blood of Christ and recall the last meal shared with the disciples.  Together they symbolize the new covenant between God and all the people.

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