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Long Range Plan

The Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) has been charged, by Session and the Congregation, with the task of discerning long range goals that will enrich our members, help Community Presbyterian Church grow and strengthen our ministries.

Goals and Action Items
For CPC’s Long Range Plan

Presented by the Long Range Planning Committee
April 7th, 2009

1. Become a More Welcoming Congregation
Jesus has graciously welcomed us into fellowship with him; therefore our goal is to welcome others into the family of faith.
A. Improve the space for welcoming.
B. Develop effective methods of welcoming newcomers and nurturing their relationship with the church.
C. Convey and demonstrate our hospitality to each other and the wider community.

2. Increase the Involvement and Connectedness of Our Congregation
Scripture teaches that the church is a body with many parts, all of them important and integrally related to one another; therefore our goal is to increase the involvement of and connections between our church members.
A. Increase opportunities for intergenerational interaction.
B. Help the members of the congregation know one another by name.
C. Help members to discern their gifts and encourage them to find a place to share their gifts with the church.  Appoint a Volunteer Concierge.
D. Develop and foster small interest groups.
E. Create meaningful opportunities for fellowship.
F. Encourage members to enjoy one another and have fun together.
G. Respond to the needs of our home-bound members.

3. Deepen the Spiritual Life of the Congregation
Jesus invites us to draw closer to God; therefore our goal is to help members grow in their own relationship with God.
A. While remaining rooted within our reformed tradition, explore ways to make our worship vital for all.
B. Encourage the participation of children, youth, and families in the worship life of the congregation.
C. Encourage the prayer and devotional life of the congregation.
D. Create diverse and relevant opportunities of Christian education for children and adults.

4. Strengthen the Mission and Outreach of the Church
Jesus teaches us to love our neighbor as ourselves; therefore our goal is to reach out in service to others.
A. Help the church in being alert to the changing needs around us and be ready to respond to them
B. Encourage the study of and participation in mission in our community and throughout the world.
C. Strengthen, encourage and expand hands-on mission work in our immediate community.
D. Improve communication about the church’s mission and outreach, how lives are being changed and how to become involved.
E. Develop a closer connection between the congregation and our preschool and after-school programs, because these are integral parts of our mission and outreach.

5. Increase and Improve Communication
Our faith depends upon the word proclaimed and shared; therefore our goal is to encourage vital communication to improve the health of the congregation and its growth.
A. Create a deliberate and coherent communication process, led by a designated communication coordinator.
B. Use different methods to communicate – parish groups, email, phone and personal, maximizing technology.
C. Improve communication by the Session of its monthly agenda and actions taken.
D. Encourage one-on-one communication, to emphasize the use of personal contact.

6. Develop Leadership
As our Good Shepherd, Jesus provides our model for compassionate servant leadership; therefore our goal is to identify and develop effective leaders and leadership structures after the example of Christ.
A. Help members to discern their gifts and encourage them to find a place to share their gifts with the church.
B. Develop a manual of procedures which clearly documents the responsibilities of church leadership, each committee, and all church processes for retaining and transferring information each year.
C. Use our church goals as the primary driver to determine the appropriate staff structure.
D.   Support the professional development of staff, equipping them to fulfill their ministry functions.
E.  Encourage the spiritual and vocational development of staff, elders, deacons and lay leaders.

7. Improve Financial Planning and Stewardship
God has given every good gift; therefore our goal is to encourage generosity in giving as a response to God’s love in our lives.
A. Create a rolling, three-year financial plan (a. operating and b. capital) that addresses specific long-term needs of the church and is tied to our long-term goals.
B. Commit to ongoing open and honest conversation about the monetary needs of the church, reporting to the congregation at least three times throughout the year.
C. Align the church’s programs with the resources necessary to support them and report this information to the congregation.
D. Develop a process for translating goals into financial commitment by the congregation.

Members of the Long Range Planning Committee

Chuck Hall, John Helms, Ken Monson, Chuck Plate, Robin Randall, Bill Ryan, Chris Schmalbruch, Judy Van Zanten and Dan Youngman

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