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Martin Ott Tracker Organ

In 1996 the leaders and musicians at Community Presbyterian Church made the decision to replace the old and failing organ in the sanctuary with a new one; one custom designed for the space and the worship requirements of CPC. The timing was right, as the sanctuary was undergoing extensive renovation.


Several organ builders were contacted and many instruments were visited, played, listened to with a critical ear, and evaluated. The final decision was reached when the committee heard the Martin Ott organ in the chapel at Union Church in Hinsdale. The listeners knew right away that was the sound they wanted in their newly refurbished sanctuary.

Martin Ott is the son of a German organ builder, and holds the distinctive title of “Orgelbaumeister,” master organ builder. He formed his company, Martin Ott Pipe Organ Company, in St. Louis in 1973, and has since built over 100 organs. He specializes in tracker action instruments, and his installations can be found in all the midwestern states, as well as on both coasts.

The organ he designed for Community Presbyterian Church is a two manual, mechanical action instrument with pedal, and holds the designation Opus 93. It contains 22 stops, with 27 ranks of pipes. Construction was begun on the organ in 1999, and it was transported to Clarendon Hills from the organ builder’s shop in St. Louis in November, 2000, and was first played in worship on February, 2001. The dedication service was held in April 22nd, 2001, with David Schrader playing the dedication recital

Great Organ Swell Organ Pedal Organ
Prinzipal 8′ Gedackt 8′ Subbass 16′
Oktave 4′ Flöte 4′ Oktavbass 8′
Oktave 2′ Nachthorn 2′ Pommer 8′
Mixtur IV Viola 8′ Choral Bass 4′
Rohrflöte 8′ Viola Celeste 8′ Posaune 16′
Blockflöte 4′ Prinzipal 4′
Nasat 2-2/3′ Scharff III
Tierce 1-3/5′ Krummhorn 8′
Trompete 8′ Tremulant
Swell to Great Great to Pedal Swell to Pedal

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