Regathering for Worship

Reservations are required--see sign up link at bottom of page

Reservations will close each week Friday 5:00 pm

Sign-up reservations can be made up to 3 weeks in advance.

In-person worship will also continue to be livestreamed via Vimeo and Zoom

Things You'll Want to Know Before Attending

In the hopes that our villages and cities maintain low numbers of contracted cases of COVID and all benchmarks remain within IDPH standards, we plan to regather in person starting Sept 20. If the daily metrics change such that regathering is no longer viable, we will wait until the numbers go down.

We will continue to worship God, just as we have every week this year. AND, there are some elements of how we gather together that need to change:

General Information:

Limited numbers

  • We will begin on Sept 20 with a “soft open.” On Sept 20 and Sept 27, a total of thirty worshippers will be permitted in the sanctuary. This total number includes musicians, AV engineers, pastors and liturgist. Therefore, we will likely welcome approximately 23 worshippers these first two weeks.

  • The purpose of the “soft open” is to allow Ushers to practice new protocols and for other leaders to observe how it works. Protocols will be adjusted as needed.

  • On Sunday, Oct 4, World Communion Sunday, we will welcome a total of 50 persons in worship. (about 7 worship leaders and 43 worshippers).

  • Sign-up reservations can be made up to 3 weeks in advance.

New Procedures

  • Entry will be permitted through doors 1A (front red door), 5C (back east door), and 7D (elevator door).

  • We will only use level one / main floor of the church. Restrooms on this level will be the only ones available. The lower level and second floor will be closed.

  • No fellowship / coffee following worship.

  • Keep your distance: six feet distance must be maintained.

  • Temperature checks at the door by ushers.

  • Ushers will escort worshippers to assigned seats. Worshippers must remain seated where ushers direct.

  • Reserve your space for in-person worship by 5:00 pm Friday prior to Sunday worship. Do this online or call the church office.

  • Sit in spots in pews that are marked with a decal of the CPC logo. Seeing this logo decal on the back of pew bench indicates, “OK to sit here.”

  • Following the conclusion of worship, each row of worshippers will be sent forth into God’s world. Please remain in your pew after the prelude until an usher signals it is ok to leave the church.

  • No greeting of pastor, shaking of hands or visiting post worship. This includes with other worshippers. Please proceed to your car.

Changes in Worship

  • Singing of hymns, service music such as the Doxology, etc. will be done by the cantor only. No worship leader or worshipper will sing any hymns or songs. This is for the protection and health of all present. We will stand for the hymns / service music and all are encouraged to follow the music and feel the music in their hearts / read the words silently.

  • No litanies or verbal responses from the congregation. Again, in order to protect the health of all and to reduce the spread of particulates, we will completely refrain from call and response litanies. Ex: when the person reading scripture says, “Holy Wisdom, Holy Word! This is the Word of the Lord, the congregation is not permitted to respond, “Thanks be to God.” Therefore, you will see us modifying the worship liturgy.

  • We will share in the Lord’s Prayer silently, or it will be said by one person only, or we may embody this prayer!

  • Watch for more information about how to reserve a space for in-person worship in the coming weeks.

As always feel free to contact Pete Hanlon, chair of Worship & Music Committee or Pastor Beth or Pastor Susan.

In-person worship will also continue to be livestreamed via Vimeo and Zoom

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