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COVID-19 Response and Updates


We follow the recommendations from the CDC (and if more restrictive, those from the State of Illinois and DuPage County). The CDC recommendations differ depending on whether a county is designated as Low, Medium, or High COVID Community Transmission Level. The designation is based on consideration of COVID case rates, hospital admissions, and hospital bed occupancy. The CDC updates the COVID Community Level weekly (typically on Thursday evening); you may find the current level at web site and entering “Illinois” and “DuPage” in the search boxes.

The important differences among the three levels for those attending activities in-person at CPC are as follows:

  • High: Everyone is highly encouraged to wear a well-fitting mask or to consider participating remotely.

  • Medium: Those at high risk for getting very sick due to being immunocompromised or having underlying health conditions are highly encouraged to wear a well-fitting mask or to consider participating remotely.

  • Low: There are no masking or attendance guidelines beyond staying up to date on vaccination, attending indoor meetings in rooms with air purification or fresh air supply, and staying vigilant with respect to hand sanitizing.

The activities above include worship, meetings, and other gatherings. Some people may choose to wear a mask regardless of the transmission level; that is an individual choice.

Worship services are always live streamed at as well as available a few days afterward for viewing at Most meetings are conducted in hybrid mode, allowing in-person as well as remote participation; check with the meeting organizer.

If you are not feeling well for any reason, we encourage you to be a remote attendee rather than being present in-person. If you are in need of any type of assistance while you are ill, please reach out to the church office ( or 630-323-6522).

Kids' Academy

During the week, a portion of the building is dedicated to use by the Kids’ Academy, which operates under licensing from the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. There may be times when they are operating under different guidelines that then apply to the rest of the building.  The church or Kids' Academy offices can provide additional information.

CPC Office and Building:

  • The church building is locked 24/7 except on Sunday mornings. We ask for visitors during the week to use Door 5C on the east side. There is a combination doorbell and intercom with which you can communicate your presence to the church office. It may be useful to call the office in advance so that staff can be alert for your arrival.

  • Elevator access is available on the south side at Door 7D; this access must be arranged in advance.

Of course, as we update guidelines, we recognize that if our communities' tracking level were to change or a new variant were to emerge or the numbers were to increase/decrease,

we can and will at any time revise the policy.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the office at 630-323-6522 or

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