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Go ahead, ask questions.

Around here, one of the things we’ve discovered is that each of us is on a messy, imperfect spiritual journey. That’s why we try to provide lots of opportunities to learn and grow—to look honestly at our lives and the Bible and at other sources as well—and figure out together what it means to live “to the glory of God” and how to follow Jesus in the middle of this often confusing and complex world.


So whether you’re in one of our Sunday morning adult education groups or a weekly Bible study, in a youth group gathering or a children’s Sunday School class, we encourage curiosity, questions, and conversation, because we’ve found that’s how real growth usually happens.


Find out about our current Christian educational opportunities and small groups below.  New groups form all the time, and if you have an idea for one, please contact one of the church staff.


Find out about our specific opportunities for adults, teens, middle-schoolers, and younger children:

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