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We are rooted in traditions, not stuck
in them.


While it’s not overly formal or stuffy, our Sunday worship style is what some might call traditional. That’s because we find that engaging in practices like confession, communion, and passing the peace helps connect us to the wisdom of the past, as we navigate our lives today.


On a typical Sunday you’ll see all kinds of people around you—including squirmy children, people who’ve been in this church for years, and people who weren’t sure they’d ever go to church again. Some people dress up, some are pretty casual. Our pastors and choir often wear robes.


On any given Sunday, you might hear a Bach prelude on the organ, hear a hymn arrangement from one of our choirs, sing a song written by a contemporary songwriter, or all of the above.  You’ll hear scriptures read, prayers said, you’ll discover a wide variety of people leading and be offered a number of ways to participate yourself — through reading prayers or scriptures or through actions like lighting candles or taking part in the Lord’s Supper (though if you’d rather not participate, that’s perfectly fine too.)


Overall, we believe that Sunday worship is about gathering, not to hear all the right answers, but to ask big questions together.


We know attending worship for the first time anywhere can be nerve-wracking, but we don’t want you to worry about what to wear or say or how to act here — please know that we’d love for you to come just as you are.


Everyone belongs.

Who would Jesus exclude? We can’t think of anyone. That’s why we want everyone who walks through our doors to feel like they belong — not because we’re all alike, but because we’re all different and have something to learn from each other.


But we know that sometimes when you’re looking for a church, it helps to have a little extra reassurance that you’ll feel welcome. So to be very clear: We are an inclusive church, fully open and affirming of LGBTQIA persons. We embrace diversity in race, sexual orientation and identity, socioeconomic status, physical ability, and age. We encourage honest expression of both faith and doubt. We are egalitarian in theology and practice and celebrate women in leadership of all kinds.


And we’re also very friendly around here. Small enough for you to get to know people if you want but large enough for you to remain anonymous for as long as you’d like.  


Wondering how to get here?

Where to park?

We have lots of parking and on most Sundays or for other events, there is plenty of easy access parking in the church parking lot and along Prospect Ave and Norfolk St. The lot on church property has handicap accessible slots.


If this is your first time, you may find it a bit easier to park along Prospect Ave in one of the slots. The overhead view in the picture below provides a general idea of potential parking. If all parking spaces are all filled, there is also overflow parking available at the Prospect School parking lot one half block north of the church, just off of Prospect Ave.

CPC Parking.jpeg

Questions? Concerns? Still not sure you’ll feel comfortable here? Contact one of our staff — we’d love to get coffee with you and talk more about what happens on Sundays at CPC.

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