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Serving at Church

There are many ways to give of yourself and help others, right here within our own church walls. Here are just a few of them. For more information, contact Pastor Susan at or 630-323-6522


Meal-a-Month bags are distributed the first Sunday of the month. Any non-perishable items are very welcome, as are cleaning supplies, paper products and grocery gift cards Please return your donations to the church the following Sunday. If you are not in church to pick up a bag, fill your own.  Remember, hunger takes no vacation. Your donations help feed those who are hungry in our immediate area through the Hinsdale Community Service pantry. 

This month's suggested menu can be found on the Event page

Mission Trips

Form Mission trips to go out to God’s world, sometimes near and sometimes far.  See Serving the World for more information.

Mission Sewers is Now Mission Stitchers!

Thursdays from 9 - 11 AM in Room LL6-LL8.

We've changed our name and broadened our vision. Mission Sewing is now Mission Stitchers. Anyone interested in sewing, knitting, or crocheting for charity is welcome. We are happy to teach you, too.

Contact the Office for more information

Sanctuary Guild

Could you give one hour a month to your church to help keep the sanctuary tidy and prepared for Sunday worship?


It's easy: straighten up the cards and papers in the pews, but hymnals back in the rack, ensure correct colored paraments hanging, check oil in candles, etc.


You pick the day of the week. Anytime 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. Often friends do this together!


You'll enjoy the quiet time in the sanctuary. Many find it a great time for meditative prayer as you serve the church and visualize your church family sitting in the pews.


Contact the church office for more information. Training will be provided.

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