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Adult Education

Here at CPC we celebrate that we are on a lifelong faith journey where we are always growing and changing. God calls us to learn new things and to teach the things we know well, so we respond to this call by offering Adult Education classes and programs. Some classes run for several months while some programs are once a year. For more information about upcoming Adult Education programs at CPC, check out our Bulletins and Facebook page!

New Adult Ed: 

Increase Your Impact

Sun Jan 12 & Feb 9 

10:30 am


Leader: Rebecca Wear Robinson


Competition for changing attitudes and behaviors is intense. The average attention span is only 3 seconds. Most of us are pulled in so many directions that the hamster wheel of living is locked into a permanent spin cycle. Even when we want to do good - in our church, in our community, in the world - the obstacles are overwhelming. Even the best ideas and most pressing problems can’t keep people engaged, much less change individuals and our society for the better.


There is another way. 


Using techniques pulled from marketing and social psychology, we will learn how to create positive, sustainable and cost-effective change out of the programs and organizations that you value.


Bring a notebook and pen. 


Optional, but if you’d like a better understanding of what we’ll be covering, download and read Chapter 1 for free http://www.ignitechanges.com/buy-the-book

Book Reading & Discussion with Author Arianne Lehn

Ash and Starlight: 

Prayers for the Chaos and Grace of Daily Life

Sun Feb 23 

2:00 pm


Spiritual writer and pastor Arianne Braithwaite Lehn provides encouragement for life's journey in these honest and poetic prayers drawn from the everyday emotions, joys, and pain of our days. Ash and Starlight features prayers for centering, confession and release, guidance and transition, waiting and struggle, comfort and strength, trust, and seasonal times of year. This compilation of prayers will help you find connection and wholeness in your own daily pilgrimage. You will be empowered to live authentically and soulfully, embracing the brokenness and beauty of your life right now, just as it is. 


Arianne Braithwaite Lehn is a mother, one half of a clergy couple, writer, and ordained minister with the Presbyterian Church (USA). She was a pastoral intern at CPC in 2009 – 2010 while a student in seminary.


Books available for purchase in the church office $19.00

Not Me™! Assault Prevention and Self Defense Training 


Sat Jan 4 

9:00 am - Noon 

Fellowship Hall


Not Me! provides assault prevention and safety classes by a former Navy Seal to teach attendees how to avoid and escape threatening situations. CPC is hosting a Not Me! women’s training class in Fellowship Hall on Saturday January 4th, from 9:00 a.m. until noon. The class is open to women and girls high school age and older, CPC members and others in the community. Class fee is $79 per person. Tickets are available in the Narthex on December 8 and 15. For more information contact Katie McGowan at katemcgowan@comcast.net. 

The Present Word

How does faith mix with our daily life?  How does scripture influence this interplay?  This small group setting meets for one hour on Join Walt King on Sunday mornings starting at 9:00 a.m., from September through May.  All are welcome. For more information, contact Pastor Lauren Cochran.

2019 Session "Responding to God's Grace" will begin Sunday, October 6, 9-10 am. All are welcome to join for conversation and fellowship.

Men's Breakfast Fellowship and Discussion

The Men’s Breakfast Fellowship

The Men’s Discussion Group is held in the Parlor every Tuesday at 7:00-8 a.m.  All men from the church are invited to a “Bring Your Own Coffee” setting for discussion and fellowship.  Currently, they are studying The Roman Empire and the New Testament by Warren Carter. 

Contact Bob Parsons or the office at office@chcpc.org

Presbyterian Women Bible Study Circles

Bible study Circles meet the fourth Tuesday of every month, either in members’ homes or the church parlor. Choose a morning, afternoon or evening group to meet your schedule. These groups are hosted by our Presbyterian Women, which along with the Circle Bible study groups, support mission projects and special programs throughout the year.