Adult Education

Here at CPC we celebrate that we are on a lifelong faith journey where we are always growing and changing. God calls us to learn new things and to teach the things we know well, so we respond to this call by offering Adult Education classes and programs. Some classes run for several months while some programs are once a year. For more information about upcoming Adult Education programs at CPC, check out our Bulletins and Facebook page!


We in the Adult Education Committee have been spending part of our Zoom time putting together a great program for the upcoming school year.  As you should all know by now, there will only be one worship service each Sunday and so we have scheduled programs for the hour after worship (10:45 to 11:45) to make it as accessible as possible to all of you.  All sessions will be given in person (with appropriate social distancing) AND by Zoom, so you can pick your preferred method.  The church has acquired additional conferencing equipment so that the sessions will be fully interactive.  Please note that the following dates (especially the later ones) and subject to change, so be sure to check out the church website for the most up-to-date information.  Also, the website will have the links to any reading materials for the classes.  Finally, we invite everyone to give us your suggestions, comments and criticisms, so we can make this year the best we can.  Thank you.

CE-A Committee Geoff Silver, chair, Kathy Florence, secretary, Kelly Bufton, Cyndi Frost, Ann Hamman, Gregg Morton, Susan Tindall, staff 

(Note: for previous adult ed course information and resources click HERE)

Current Adult Ed:

Sundays, April 11-May 2

10:45-11:45 am

Spiritual Practices in a Time of Waiting


Beginning April 11, Adult CE will be welcoming Rev. Marylen Marty-Gentile for a four week session on spiritual practices.   There are many ways to connect with God, to deepen our relationship with the Holy. For many of us, finding a practice and getting started are stumbling blocks. This four-week class was going to use Advent as a place to begin, but lockdowns and Covid and uncertainty got in the way of even this. So we begin in this Easter moment, a time of new beginnings. In these weeks we will explore:

  • Right in Front of our Eyes: Noticing Here and Now

  • In the Beginning: Creating as Does the Creator

  • Incarnation: Honoring the Body

  • Blessings: Sharing Holy Words

Each session will include word, experience, and silence.

Eastertide Series Image.png

Presbyterian Women Bible Study Circles

Horizen's Bible Study: "Into the Light: Finding Hope Through Prayers of Lament"

THE NEW 2020-21 PRESBYTERIAN WOMEN’S STUDY GUIDE, "Into the Light: Finding Hope Through Prayers of Lament", is now available to order. Into the Light uses scripture to show how bringing our laments to God heals us and deepens our faith. We will surely have lively discussions in our Circles this coming year. If you have not yet ordered your study guide let your Circle leader know, and you may then mail payment of $12.00 to our treasurer, Donna G. Adding extra as a PW donation would be very much appreciated; just indicate that on your check.

And if you have been thinking of joining a Circle, this is a perfect time to do so.


Three Circles are available: one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one at night. Call Linda Cirillo to get started and to order your copy of "Into the Light"!


Past Adult Ed Resources 2020-21

An Intro to Christian Ethics

Sundays, February 7- February 28 

Leader: Chris Vaughan, PhD

We often think of ethics as about what’s right and wrong. Christian Ethics is larger than that. It is about how we should live as Christians, in relation to God, to others, and ourselves. What are we called to do? What does it mean to follow Christ? What kind of life is a good one? Our morality is bound up with these questions, which help us understand not just the right way of doing, but of being, and why? With Chris Vaughn, we will wrestle with these questions with guiding voices from Protestant, liberation, existential perspectives in order to expand our understanding to view our world through different lenses.


Reading and Reference Materials:

Christian Ethics - from the New Testament to the Scholastics

Session 1 Powerpoint Slides

Christian Ethics Session 1 Zoom Recording

Session 2 Powerpoint Slides

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the good funeral 2.png


The Good Funeral: Planning and Mourning in the Community

Sundays 10/25-11/22

Week 1: “The Good Funeral: Planning and Mourning in Community.”

Led by Rev Beth Freese Dammers


The first session will focus on what we believe as a faith tradition about death and eternal life. 

Five Wishes Living Will Document

Week 2: Dying is a Process

Led by Paula Cyphers and Kris Veenbaas, Co-Directors of

Older Adult Ministries

Join Paula and Kris for a discussion on end of life decisions, including the difference between palliative and hospice care. They will review end of life directives and make a plan for sharing your wishes with family.

Five Wishes Living Will Document

Week 3: Funerals and Witness to the Resurrection

Led by Rev Beth Freese Dammers and

Brian Sullivan from Sullivan Funeral Homes

We will be joined by Brian Sullivan of Sullivan Funeral homes for questions about every aspect of planning a funeral. Beth took a tour on our behalf and we will be showing that during class. 

SFH General Price List

Vital Statistics Info Sheet

Pastor Beth and Brian Sullivan tour of Sullivan Funeral

Week 4: Asset Planning

Led by Alan Alongi and Jeff Ellithorpe

You are invited to continue on this journey through the Good Funeral. This week we turn to putting property and assets in order. Join Attorney Allan Alongi and financial expert Jeff Ellithorpe as they lead a discussion on wills, family trusts and living legacies.

Week 5: The Good Funeral: Final Wishes

Led by Rev Beth Freese Dammers

To close our series, Pastor Beth will help us develop a Five Wishes document, create a worship plan and how to communicate your wishes to your loved ones and church.

Five Wishes Living Will Document 

God, Suffering and Evil

Sundays, March 7, 14, 21

led by Rev. Dr. Anna Case-Winters

If God is all good and all powerful, then why is there so much suffering and evil in the world? This is a troubling and perplexing question--one that Christians have asked through the centuries. In these harrowing times of COVID 19 and the vulnerabilities and inequities it has revealed, the question has a particular poignancy for us. It cries out for a thoughtful response. In this class we will explore the question together, and take a look at the ways Christian theology has responded across the centuries, from ancient to contemporary times.


Join Rev. Dr. Anna Case-Winters, an ordained PC(USA) pastor and professor of theology at McCormick Theological Seminary on Sunday mornings! For more information on Professor Case-Winters, click here

With in-person worship suspended for now, our class will meet over Zoom only! See the Thursday blast, Worship bulletin or email the office for the Zoom link.

Session Slide PDF's and Reading List

Traditional Augustinian Approaches to God, Suffering and Evil

The World as a Vale of Soul Making

Rethinking Divine Power

God, Suffering and Evil Recommended Reading List

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Amos Group Presents: Anti-Racism Study and Discussion

Fall 2020 and Winter 2021

See the Amos Group page for details and resources for this Adult Ed series


Men's Breakfast Fellowship and Discussion

(Currently not meeting due to Covid 19)

The Men’s Breakfast Fellowship

The Men’s Discussion Group is held in the Parlor every Tuesday at 7:00-8 a.m.  All men from the church are invited to a “Bring Your Own Coffee” setting for discussion and fellowship.  Currently, they are studying Tired of Apologizing for a Church I Don't Belong To by Lillian Daniel.

Contact Bob Parsons or the office at