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Worship God with CPC
in-person and livestreaming

Fifth Sunday after Epiphany

Sunday, February 5| 9:30 am

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"Let Your Light Shine"

 Matthew 5:13-20

Rev. Beth Freese Dammers

In person worship

Worshipping in Person?

Covid Medium Level sign June 17, 2022.png
  • We love seeing you in person and hope that you enjoy seeing each other. Since there will always be contagious diseases (e.g., seasonal flu and COVID), we encourage you to participate at a level where you feel comfortable.

  • If you wish to wear a mask then do so.

  • If you would like some spacing between you and others then sit on the window side of Sanctuary where purple ribbons block every other pew.

  • If you are experiencing any COVID or flu symptoms, or feeling ill in any way, then we suggest that you worship from home (see next section). Please be in contact with the church office if you are in need of any assistance while you are recovering.

No registration required, but we'd love to know you are worshipping with on Sundays!

  • Sign in to the online pew pad or click the Pew Pad tab

  • Say hello in the chat feature.

  • Register and login at Click the three horizontal lines in the upper left hand corner of screen, just left of the CPC logo to reach the login window.

Worshipping at Home?

Need help connecting to worship?  Visit our livestream help page,

contact the office or Stephanie Rens-Domiano, Director of Digital Platforms

Prepackaged Communion Delivery 

Worshipping from home? Would you appreciate having communion juice and wafer delivered to you so you have communion elements ready to use during online worship? We are happy to bring you a supply of prepackaged communion elements. Please click here to email Pastor Beth and we'll deliver to your home!

Pastor Beth and Pastor Susan are also always available to share Communion with you in your home. Please reach out to Pastor Beth to make arrangements.

Communion cup

Prayer Requests

Please email Pastor Beth or Pastor Susan with your prayer requests indicating if you desire for them to be shared in public worship or shared only with the staff. 

Prayers can also be shared during worship.

Prayers to be included in Sunday worship need to be received by 8:00 am Sunday morning.

Worshipping at home
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