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"We Are Good Stewards of God's Gifts"

It is only because of the generous gifts of time, talent and money that Community Presbyterian Church has been able to do the Lord's work for almost 100 years. For those who cherish the thought of making a gift to the church that will bear fruit for years to come, the Endowment Funds are a generous choice.

Community Presbyterian Church’s Endowment Funds were first established in 1991 to provide a permanent and perpetual foundation for our church mission beyond annual giving by offering vehicles whereby charitable gifts can support CPC and fund special projects and new ministries, thereby continuing your work here beyond your lifetime. Currently, we have three funds: The Endowment Fund (1991), The BJ Wright Trust Designated Fund (2019) and The Legacy Fund (2021).

The Legacy Fund, established because the Endowment Fund is sufficient to fund one-time grants, may be used to support day- to-day operations and administration of CPC. Gifts to the Endowment Funds will be placed in the Legacy Fund unless otherwise directed.

Why should you consider a gift to the Endowment Funds?

Your gift:

  • Evidences a belief in the future of CPC

  • Serves as an expression of gratitude for God's blessings Ensures the love and light of Jesus Christ continues to be present in our community

  • Continues to provide for future generations

  • May support new projects and initiatives

  • Can be given now or from your estate

  • May provide you with certain tax benefits


The administration and oversight of the Endowment Funds is the responsibility of the Endowment Fund Committee (EFC), which is a sub-committee of the Finance Committee. Oversight of the funds, as well as the use of any and all income derived by it, is subject to approval by Session.

The EFC shall use its reasonable best efforts to invest the assets with managers and companies whose missions, products and/or services do not conflict with the moral and theological convictions of the Presbyterian Church (USA). The EFC is responsible for all duties related to the Funds, including but not limited to: promoting gifts, investing and managing monies, and distributing grants.

Examples of Recent Grants

  • Technology upgrades

  • Youth activities such as group outings

  • Summer Youth Interns

  • Major building improvements

Interested in More Information?

A representative of the Endowment Fund Committee will be glad to help you with details specific to your gift so you can realize your faithful commitment to the ministry and mission of Community Presbyterian Church.

It is the wish of the Endowment Fund Committee to be clear, concise and transparent. The members of the EFC are prepared to answer any questions that you may have while you are considering your gift. A copy of the Investment Policy is available upon request.

To contact a member of the Endowment Fund Committee, please call the church office at (630) 323 - 6522 or email This will go to the Church Administrator who will forward to the Chair of the EFC.

How To Give


You may consider gifts to the Endowment Funds as part of your broader personal financial plan. There are several ways to make a charitable gift:

  • Cash Gifts can be made directly, providing immediate support for projects.

  • Bequests from a will or trust: Gifts can be memorialized in your will or trust documents.

  • Appreciated securities: many people make gifts from their investment portfolios because of a unique tax savings. Securities could include individual stocks, mutual funds and bonds.

  • Real estate: real estate such as homes, commercial property, land, farms or condominiums can be donated outright.

  • Life Insurance Policies: Consider making the Endowment Funds the beneficiary of all or part of your life insurance policies.

Please prayerfully consider making a gift to the church that will bear fruit for years to come.

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