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CPC Covid-19 Response

Financial Gifts to CPC

Many ways to continue your support


While the church office is closed for regular business, all CPC staff are continuing to work their regular hours, whether that is fulltime or part time. Financial Administrator, Laurie Scola is in the office on Thursdays only. 


Thank you for supporting the ongoing ministries of CPC with your regular gifts, pledges and special offerings.


Many ways to share your gifts:

By mail: 

Mail your check to the church office: CHCPC, 39 N Prospect Ave, Clarendon Hills, IL 60514


Make your gift online through Online giving through CPC Realm website, or on the CPC Realm website or the Realm app on your phone

By Text:

Text your gift to CHCPC 

for example, to donate $50, Text chcpc pledge $50 to 73256. This will direct you to a safe and secure way to use your credit card to make a gift AND this will be credited toward your 2020 Pledge. Standard text message rates do apply. Of course you may choose any dollar amount.

OR text chcpc to 73256 to make a general gift to the Operating Budget. This works for folks who did not make a 2020 Pledge.

NOTE: this does NOT go on your phone bill, payment is by ACH or credit/debit card. Once it’s set up, you can let it remember you. If you pay via credit card, we ask automatically to add 3% to cover processing fees the church incurs.

(note, the credit card scan feature may not work always work reliably; may need to enter info manually)

Pledge: text "chcpc pledge" to 73256

Gift to Budget: text "chcpc" to 73256

Please contact Stephanie Rens-Domiano by email with any questions or to ask for assistance in completing online or text payments.


Thank you for your continued financial support of God's Church and the ministry of CPC.

Click on the Donate Now button on the CPC website and make a gift today!

FAQs about Stewardship and Online donations

1.  What is New with online giving? 

 You can now make a payment on any of your devices for your pledge or cash gifts to CPC.  Set up regular giving or a one-time gift to a specific fund such as a Presbytery offering or the Capital Fund.  Go through the church website at or your personal Realm profile.  It couldn’t be easier to give electronically using your credit card or Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) processed through your checking account.  


2.  Can I pledge online?

You can make payments online, but the pledge process (communicating your giving intentions to the church) is not online.  To pledge: turn in a pledge card, email us: or call (630) 323-6522.


3.  I am worried about storing my financial information on a vendor website.

Vanco Payment Services has a PCI (Payment Card Industry) rating of Level 1; the highest awarded and considered the gold standard.


4.  I am currently using the Electronic Funds Transfer Service through my bank; do I need to switch?

No!  You may continue using the EFT’s initiated through your bank. The advantage of using the new Realm profile is that you can make occasional one-time gifts (via EFT or charge card) and see your entire donation history.


5.  Can I make recurring payments and occasional one-time gifts?

Yes.  Any combination of gifts types is possible. You could set your pledge amount as a recurring monthly EFT and you could make occasional one-time gifts via either EFTs or your charge card.  


6.  I have heard that online giving costs a lot.

EFTs are very economic at about $3/year as a flat fee.  Credit card processing runs about 3% of the transaction amount.  We urge those who prefer to use charge cards to check the box, “Contribute an extra 3% to offset processing costs” effectively covering that expense.


More questions?  Call or email the Financial Administrator at the church office (630) 323-6522 /