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Our Vision and Mission

After many conversations and deep discussions, lots of prayer and more discussion, our congregation developed and adopted this statement of our shared vision and mission in the fall of 2017.


Our Vision:

Living the gospel of Jesus Christ through worship, community and our journey of faith.


Our Mission:

Community Presbyterian Church is a fellowship of believers who seek God’s purpose, share life’s passages, and strive to live out Christ’s teachings.  Through God’s grace, all are welcomed and may find respect, nurture and refuge as we live out our love for service to each other, the greater community and the world.


Our Pillars:

We are a welcoming church.

We believe feeling welcome is foundational for members and visitors to be open to the journey of lifelong faith formation and growth. We strive to welcome each other whenever we are together.  We work to welcome visitors to our church so that we might enrich each other’s faith journeys. And we welcome our neighbors near and far so that we may experience the grace of God together.


We are dedicated to lifelong faith formation.

We believe that as children of God, lifelong spiritual exploration, discernment and growth are key to living out our faith. We want to experience God through collective worship that includes inspirational preaching, prayer, arts and music.  We strive to provide meaningful and engaging Christian education to all age groups through studying the word of God, understanding historical and modern events in the light of Christ’s teachings, and experiencing the Holy Spirit through service.


We are committed to service:

We believe Christ commands us to go into the world to serve God’s people.  We strive to serve those in need in our local community and in the larger world by providing programs of refuge and comfort for young and old, individuals and families who struggle with issues of faith, emotional turmoil, economic want and social stigmatization.  We also share our financial gifts with organizations that are serving those in need.


We are good stewards of the gifts God has given us:

We believe we are called to be good stewards of God’s world.  We maintain a vital facility that supports our mission and outreach programs.  We do long term financial planning and manage a balanced budget of income and expenses.  We encourage our members to share their gifts to support our programs.

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