Welcome to CPC!

CPC Ice Cream Social/Movie Night

Join us on Tuesday, August 12 

for our Ice Cream Social/Movie Night

sponsored by the Board of Deacons


Bring your own picnic dinner, lawn chairs or a blanket.

Delicious ice cream will be available for dessert!

A family movie will start at 8:30 p.m. and popcorn will be served!


Caravan Report Sunday

Please join us on 

Sunday, August 10

Camp Courageous Caravan 1

when our high school youth and leaders will report

on their mission caravan experiences this summer

in West Virginia, Virginia, and Camp Courageous of Iowa.

Communal Garden

Our Garden is Growing!



Volunteers are needed to help water, weed, and do general maintenance.

No experience necessary!


Help us provide food for the People’s Resource Center food pantry!

For information, contact the church office.

Need more information?

You may find further information about all the 

latest happenings at CPC in our Sunday bulletins

and our monthly Community Press newsletter.

For the Sunday bulletin, click on “Worship” and then “Bulletins.”

For the newsletter, click on “Our CPC Press Newsletter.”


Through our paper recycling program,

we raise a small amount of money for mission,

and we keep a lot of paper out of the landfill.

Drop your clean paper in our PaperRetriever Recycling Bin

which is located at the southeast corner of the church parking lot.

What goes in:

  • newspapers & inserts
  • magazines & catalogs
  • office & school papers
  • mail

None of the following:

  • no cardboard
  • no food boxes, fiberboard or chipboard
  • no textbooks or hard cover books
  • no phone books

We began our Paper Retriever recycling in April, 2010.

Since that time the amount of paper we have collected and recycled through this

program has saved trees, space in landfill,

and many kilowatt hours of energy.

Up to June, in 2012, we had recycled six tons (12,000 lbs) of paper:

that is equivalent to 102 trees,

18 cubic yards of landfill space,

24,612 kilowatts of electricity,

it reduces air pollution by 360 lbs,

and saves 42,000 gallons of water (spared from the manufacturing process).

(It’s also the same as stuffing an elephant into our recycling bin!)

Save and bring your recyclable papers to us, and help us save a tree, and make a difference.

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