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High School Cubes

Begins Sunday, Sept 18

Sunday's 5:00 - 7:00 pm

Cubes is our High School Youth program for youth in grades 9-12. It's open to all CPC families and friends. ALL are welcome! Our youth are encouraged to further explore their faith in Jesus and what being a Christian means in today’s world. Students meet with leaders in “Cubes” - small discussion groups - for study, discussion and activities that help them to explore their spirituality, values, and relationships with others and with God. Cube time is a safe place to explore and discuss issues without being judged. Fall and Spring retreat trips are typically scheduled each year. 

9th grade students will be placed in cubes with students from other classes. If 9th graders are interested in being confirmed, we will have opportunities for them to do so throughout the year with Confirmation Sunday being celebrated on May 14, 2023.

Dinner is provided weekly by Cubes or parents and and raucous games are included too!

You can find all the up-to-date news in our weekly youth email, or by contacting Pastor Susan at

Not on the mailing list? Contact Pastor Susan!

Visit the Events page for weekly updates!

Visit our Worship page for more information on how to worship with us on Sunday mornings.

30 Hour Famine 

Saturday 2/25 at 9:00am-Sunday 2/26 at 3:00pm

The 30-Hour Famine partners CPC with World Vision for a day and a half event centered on fasting and learning more about hunger justice around the world. World Vision works with people all over the world towards eradicating hunger and building sustainable solutions for communities. This challenge asks high school students to participate in something bigger than themselves, to change the way students see the world and to take action on behalf of others. We will be fundraising for World Vision as part of this collaboration. You can sign up and donate by clicking on the button below.


Students can participate even if they are unable for any reason to refrain from eating! The event can be modified to work for your student!

Westminster Fellowship

Westminster Fellowship

WF is all about fun and Christian service, and it is open to any and all high school students. WF will meet on select Sundays, typically following Cubes. Youth are invited to participate as often as they’d like. CPC Youth activities sponsored by WF have included a road rally, dodgeball nights, games played in the dark like Gargon, 30 Hour Famine, off-site trips to the trampoline park, laser tag and more! Hope to see you there!

Watch for weekly details in the Youth email or Thursday CPC email or visit the Events page.


2022 High School Cubes Retreat 

Sept. 9-11

Great Oaks Camps, Lacon, IL


Make every effort to come – it’s a great weekend! The waiver is included in this registration information. Cost is $150, but full and partial scholarships are available so contact Pastor Susan for more info. 

The weekend will be full of great small group discussions, engaging times of learning, meaningful & fun music, great games & activities, and the opportunity to enjoy a weekend away with old and new friends! Retreats also, and most importantly, provide an incredible space to further explore and deepen our faith in God.

High School Youth will attend two weekend-long retreats a year: one in the Fall and one in the Spring.  

For more information regarding Youth Ministries, contact:  

Rev. Susan Tindall, Transitional Associate Pastor at

Beyond Sunday Evenings

Summer Mission Caravans

Youth and their adult leaders have been participating in annual summer Mission Caravans for generations at CPC. In recent summers, Caravans worked on construction and rehab of homes in West Virginia and Virginia, as well as volunteering with special-needs children at Camp Courageous in Iowa. 

2022 West Virginia Caravan: June 17-24 (Sat-Sat)

We’ll return to Colcord, WV to work at WV Ministry of Advocacy & Workcamps, Inc. Projects will include home construction and/or repair. In the past, we worked on porches, windows, and roofs. We stay in the manse of Colcord Presbyterian Church and will cook our own meals. We’ll worship with the congregation and they will prepare a delicious meal for us during the week. Wednesday will include a trip to a waterpark. You do not need construction experience, but you do need energy and enthusiasm. Space is limited to 20-23. Participant contribution is $500.


2022 Camp Courageous Caravan: August 6-12 (Sun-Sat)

We will be working as volunteer counselors alongside paid staff at a camp for mentally and/or physically challenged children and teens. You will work long hours, do meaningful work that will help campers have a great week, and have a great time doing it. We will stay at the camp and share meals with campers in the dining hall. You do not need experience with special needs individuals, nor do you need to have a desire to make it a related field a career. Compassion and energy are the two most important things to bring. We will take 20-23 people. Participant contribution is $200.


  • There is one application for all caravans. It is possible to go on more than one caravan; please be clear on your application about what you would ideally like to do. Please be as flexible as possible.

  • We ask that ALL youth participate in fundraising activities to support the total costs of Summer Caravans.

  • We ask that parents read through their teen’s registration and sign the first page. It is important for parents to be aware of the application process and the commitment involved.

  • Do not let money be an obstacle to going on the trip of your choice! Full and partial scholarships are available. Contact Pastor Susan for details.

  • The Christian Education – Youth (CE-Y) Committee will be considering the applications. We do our best to put together rosters that will allow as many active youth group members to go on a caravan as possible. Trust us when we tell you that your caravan experience will be a positive one regardless of which caravan you go on. It really will!

  • APPLICATIONS ARE DUE BY Sunday, February 12 (Youth Sunday!). Late applications will only be considered if there are spaces available, so get your applications in on time! We really do mean this, please don’t be disappointed. You will be notified by mail within two weeks what caravan(s) you’ll be on.

  • A $150 deposit should be turned in with your caravan application regardless of how many caravans you are applying for.

  • On Sunday August 12, all caravans will be reporting at the 9:30 AM worship service. Thank you for making a commitment to present in worship on this day.

  • If you have any questions, please contact Susan Tindall at

For more information regarding Caravans, contact:  

Rev. Susan Tindall, Transitional Associate Pastor at

Youth Group Fundraisers

Each year Caravan participants pay to go on Caravans, but that doesn’t cover the entire cost.  The Youth Group does fundraising to make up the difference.  We also welcome program donations to help defray the expenses.

2023 Caravan Surprise Supplies!

Ever wonder how many tanks it takes to get us to West Virginia and Camp Courageous? How many lunches it takes to feed our crews? On Sunday, February 12th, our surprise supplies board will be ready for your sponsorship support of the things we need most this summer. Every amount is appreciated and every donation a surprise gift to our youth! Look for the board during the reception in fellowship hall on Youth Sunday and thank you for spreading the word about this fundraising initiative

Or bring a check to the office!

Youth group fundraisers

College Ministry

How do we stay connected with our youth who have gone on to college?  Periodic communications and a winter retreat or open house during school break help keep college students connected.  Be sure we have your college and email addresses so we can stay connected!

How Can You Help?

Volunteer to be a Cube leader or a WF leader! These ministries don’t happen without the loving and hard-working presence of adults from our church who love Jesus, love CPC, and love to mentor youth! If you’re interested in joining in and getting a front row seat to the work God is doing in our next generation, contact Lauren Cochran, Associate Pastor, at

College ministry
How can you help?
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