High School Youth Program

CPC COVID-19 Preparedness Worship Plans

Moving to virtual worship beginning March 29,

One service at 9:30am

Sunday School and Cubes on hiatus as of March 22

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For high school freshmen

Disciples serves as our Confirmation program at CPC, but it is also open to youth whose families are not members of CPC. ALL are welcome! At the end of Disciples, each participant is invited to confirm their beliefs and their faith in Jesus, and they will be offered the opportunity to become a member of CPC. Students meet with leaders in “Cubes” - small discussion groups - for study, discussion and activities that help them to explore their spirituality, values, and relationships with others and with God. These are some of the most meaningful and fun years of our high school programs. Two off-campus weekend retreats and a one-day on campus retreat with Disciples parents are part of the program.  CPC is proud to have offered the Disciples program for over 40 years, welcoming new members with each class.

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CPC welcomes Allison Billings our new Director of Youth and Family Ministries. Check out her bio here, and be sure to say hi!


For high school sophomores, juniors and seniors

In PD, for all sophomores, juniors and seniors, the study and fellowship continues in the style of the Disciples’ program. In Post Disciples, our youth are encouraged to further explore their faith in Jesus and what being a Christian means in today’s world. Cube time continues to be a safe place to explore and discuss issues without being judged. Two retreat trips are scheduled each year.

Westminster Fellowship

WF is all about fun and Christian service, and it is open to any and all high school students. WF meets on Sunday evenings following the Disciples and Post-Disciples Cubes and largely consists of group games and fun activities. Students are invited to participate as often as they’d like. CPC Youth activities sponsored by WF include a road rally, dodgeball nights, the summer work mission trips (Caravans), rake-n-run, a dinner theater fundraiser, 30 Hour Famine, Whirly Ball, gutter sundaes (aka: “eating ice cream out of  a gutter” .. (don’t worry, it’s clean!). After Cubes on Sunday, be sure to make time for WF!

Weekly Schedule

-   Welcome and Arrival in the Youth Lounge (10 min)

-   Cubes (50 min)

-   Dinner (45 min)

-   Closing (15 min)

Disciples Cubes and Post Disciples Cubes: Sunday evening from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Westminster Fellowship begins after the Cube closing and often lasts until around 9:00pm


Beyond Sunday Evenings

Sunday morning worship

Sunday morning worship is central to the life of anyone who has trusted in Jesus, desires to join in God’s redemptive work in the world, and chosen to commit to membership at CPC. We strongly and lovingly encourage all youth and families to join us on Sundays.

Weekend Retreats

Disciples attend two weekend-long retreats a year: one in the Fall and one in the Spring. The Post-Disciples also attend two retreats: one in the Fall and one in the Winter. For 2018-2019, the dates for these retreats are:


Disciples Fall Retreat: Sept 13-15, 2019

Disciples Spring Retreat: April 24-26, 2020

Post-Disciples Fall Retreat: Sept 13-15, 2019

Post-Disciples Winter Retreat: - tbd

For more information regarding Youth Ministries, contact:  

Allison Billings, Director of Youth and Family Ministries, at allison.billings@chcpc.org



Youth and their adult leaders have been participating in annual summer Mission Caravans for generations at CPC. In recent summers, Caravans worked on construction and rehab of homes in West Virginia and Virginia, as well as volunteering with special-needs children at Camp Courageous in Iowa. 


Youth Group Fundraisers

Each year Caravan participants pay to go on Caravans, but that doesn’t cover the entire cost.  The Youth Group does fundraising to make up the difference.


Summer 2020 Fundraising has been announced!

With a goal to fundraise $15,000 to support four Summer Mission Caravans, the youth of CPC are introducing a new way for you to share your financial support.


Check out the board in the narthex for a number of ways you may participate. You may wish to donate $25 to help cover the cost of sack lunches or $50 for a tank of gas or $850 to pay the way for one adult volunteer to lead a Caravan. Our adult volunteers take a week off work to support the Caravans. We do not ask them to pay for the trip.


Simply remove the image of what you'd like to support and place this tag with your gift in the envelopes provided in the narthex.


Thank you for your support and making it possible for so many youth to experience the joy of offering love and hard work to benefit others.

College Ministry

How do we stay connected with our youth who have gone on to college?  Periodic communications and a winter retreat or open house during school break help keep college students connected. Check out the CPC Youth Alumni Facebook Page for current events geared to the 18-25 yr old age group.


How Can You Help?

Volunteer to be a Cube leader or a WF leader! These ministries don’t happen without the loving and hard-working presence of adults from our church who love Jesus, love CPC, and love to mentor youth! If you’re interested in joining in and getting a front row seat to the work God is doing in our next generation, contact Lauren Cochran, Associate Pastor, at lauren.cochran@chcpc.org

Youth Group Fundraisers: Each year Caravan participants pay to go on Caravans, but that doesn’t cover the entire cost. The Youth Group does fundraising to make up the difference. Check out the Youth Facebook page for the most up to date information on ways to contribute!


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