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Middle School

Middle School Youth

Begins Sunday, September 10!

9:45 - 10:30 am

(Sunday meeting times vary so check the weekly email, Events page or Middle School Calendar!)

Students in grades 6-8th are part of our CPC Youth Sunday ministry. They participate in activities to start exploring their faith with curiosity and grounded in mission projects. Sunday activities have included packing meals at Feed My Starving Children, going Christmas shopping for their families, created soup jars for older CPC members, and of course some fun outings to the pumpkin patch and a church lock-in. Additionally, the middle school youth partner with the high school group for larger off-site activities like laser tag or the trampoline park.

Evening gatherings will include dinner made by parents or high school Cubes, and raucously fun games with the high school Cubes!


Our schedule does shift occasionally some so please sign up to receive our weekly newsletter!

youth logo 2.png

For more information regarding Middle School Ministries, contact:  

Rev. Susan Tindall, Transitional Associate Pastor at

You can find all the up-to-date news in our weekly youth email!

Not on the mailing list? Contact Pastor Susan!

Visit our Events page for weekly information!

Visit our Worship page for more information on how to worship with us on Sunday mornings.

CPC Middle School Retreat

Retreat weekend's are full of great small group discussions, engaging times of learning, meaningful & fun music, great games & activities, and the opportunity to enjoy a weekend away with old and new friends! Retreats also, and most importantly, provide an incredible space to further explore and deepen our faith in God. This is always an exciting weekend for any and all middle schoolers, and one that has the potential to be very impactful! Sacred moments tend to occur when youth have the chance to retreat with their peers and adult leaders in order to focus on their faith in God and on their relationships with each other.

Watch for details in the Weekly Youth Email!!

Beyond Sunday Evenings

Sunday morning worship

Sunday morning worship is central to the life of anyone who has trusted in Jesus, desires to join in God’s redemptive work in the world, and chosen to commit to membership at CPC. We strongly and lovingly encourage all youth and families to join us on Sundays.

For more information regarding Youth Ministries, contact:  

Rev. Susan Tindall, Transitional Associate Pastor at

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