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Presbyterian Women

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We are an inclusive, caring community of women who share fellowship, nurture faith, and support local and worldwide missions. Events are open to all women of Community Presbyterian Church and their guests. PW can offer many ways to strengthen your commitment to Christ by joining together with other women who also share that commitment. It is a valuable way to meet new friends, reach out to others, and grow in your faith. We hope you will join us as often as possible!


Presbyterian Women 2023-2024

Circles meet on the 4th Tuesday of the month (morning, afternoon and evening) for fellowship and study.

NEW PW 2023-2024 STUDY GUIDE: This year, we will reflect on the ways people have encountered Jesus in the study guide, Sacred Encounters: The Power and Presence of Jesus Christ in Luke-Acts by Olive Mahabir with Suggestions for Leaders by Angelica Quiñonez Cubero.

In the nine lessons of this Bible study, we will look into the gospel according to Luke and the Acts, where we’ll find

  • Elizabeth, blessed by God with a child after infertility

  • Jesus exorcising demons from a possessed man

  • A woman being healed of chronic bleeding

  • Mary, Martha, and the role of each person in the faith

  • Lepers being healed

  • The disciples leading people to encounter Jesus

Through this bible study, we will come to appreciate the inclusivity of Jesus and his work.

Click here for more details and a listing of other resources for this study

All are welcome to join at any time. Study books will be ordered in early June. To order, call Donna G or Pat D. Missed the deadline? We can still get the reading material to you.

For more information and any questions please contact: Co-Moderators: Linda Cirillo and Gloria Tatar

General Meetings and Programs

First Tuesday of every month – September to May –  in Fellowship Hall. Reservations are not needed.  Meetings include pot-luck and bag lunches, a Christmas Open House, and the Faith and Fellowship Breakfast in May.  See below for the current years' Program Schedule.

Presbyterian Women Circles

Bible study groups meet the fourth Tuesday of every month either in members' homes or the church parlor. Choose a morning, afternoon or evening group to meet your schedule. The Horizon's 2023-24 Study guide is Sacred Encounters: The Power and Presence of Jesus Christ in Luke-Acts by Olive Mahabir with Suggestions for Leaders by Angelica Quiñonez Cubero.

Please join us for thoughtful discussions among a supportive group of women. Contact Linda Cirillo or Diane Cryer for more specifics on Circle meeting times and locations.

Mission Projects

PW supports many mission projects both at home and abroad. We participate in funding mission projects through our PW Mission Pledge that is distributed by the Presbytery of Chicago. Special offerings throughout the year provide funding for donations to organizations selected annually. We also directly support Association House, Pillars Community Services, Family Shelter Services, and Kemmerer Village through monetary, toy and clothing drives and volunteer means.

PW Programs 2023-24


Join us in Fellowship Hall at 12:30 for delicious sweets and coffee before the presentation.

All are welcome at all our programs!

September 5 – Mary Magdalene: Who was she really?  Presented by a Rev. Marylen Marty-Gentile.

October 3 – Responsible Landscape. Amanda Arnold, the woman who designed the new CPC landscape, explains how to transition your plantings to favor native plantings.

November 7 – What is Love, Inc.? Becky Rush is now Executive Director of Love and she will tell us about this mission.


December 5 – Christmas Tea

March 5 – Cirrus Falcon. Musical Duo. **NOTE** This program will be in the evening.

April 9 – An Iberian Voyage with Donna Gabanski

May 7 – Faith and Fellowship Breakfast: Pan Am Betty with Leslie Goddard

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